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Victorian and Edwardian Era Table Linens were an essential component of Household Dining.  Most of the finest table linens were beautifully hand-made by extraordinary lace artists located in Italy -  at schools such as the Florence, Burano, Chioggia-Mestre or Venice Lace Manufactory.  The finest lace and linens were often purchased and brought to the United States, where the artistry of lace-making, as well as lace-making schools, were relatively nonexistent.  (left photo).

A detailed Advertisement for The Florence Lace Manufactory Lazzari Moro & Co.  Florence, Italy n.d. (late 19th century).  This folded, oblong 5.75" x 3.75" opens to 11.5" to show the extensive lace artistry taking place during late 19th century Florence (below).   (Archives of The Lace Museum Detroit).

In the 19th Century it was law in England that a Lace Merchant must be appointed as such by the Queen, and given a License to Merchant, Manufacture, and Import Foreign Lace, such as this one (above), dated 1838, and issued to the Lace Shoppe of one Joseph Wood.  (Archives of  The Lace Museum Detroit).